Multiple-use diaper “Hares” (45×70)


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  • When breeding puppies
  • for dogs who stay at home for a long time
  • for dogs and rabbits that suffer from urinary incontinence, for sick dogs
  • for dogs who cannot be taken for a walk during the cold season

Layer 1 – Quick-drying top layer (special microfiber, which quickly passes moisture into the bottom layers and dries quickly)

Layer 2 – Distribution layer (a breathable porous fiber that, due to its structure, evenly distributes moisture over a maximum area, not at one point, which increases the absorption properties of the product)

Layer 3 – Absorbing layer (contains canvas piercing odorless fabric with good absorbency, absorption coefficient – 3.5 l/m2, density 200 g/m2)

Layer 4 – Lower retaining layer (waterproof terry cloth, consisting of 100% cotton and a polyurethane membrane layer, has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties).

Size: 45х70sm.

Hypoallergenic tissues, no harmful chemicals

Absorbs 3.5 l of liquid per 1m2, 100% leak-free

Consists of 4 functional layers

Contains moisture and unpleasant odor, dries quickly

Laundry in the washing machine at t40 C up to 500 times

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