Why us?

Business is successful, and work brings pleasure only when there is love. In our case it is love for animals, specifically dogs and cats.

With our experience in breeding dogs, we understand their tastes, habits, moods, and special needs, both for pets and for us – their owners. Of course, it’s not that difficult to buy, for example, car seats for dogs in Moscow. It is difficult to choose the one that is ideal for a particular pet and its owners.

Our work brings us pleasure, and satisfied pets and their owners pass on to us their unpurchaseable emotions, inspiring us to perfection. Our customers are the people who love their pets in the first place and want to give them all the best.

We work with all our customers individually and take into account all their wishes, which is always reflected in our products. And whatever it is – from dog beds to dog diapers – we have exactly what you need.

Most of our customers have become our cronies, whom we have been “leading” for many years now, delighting their pets with our products. This is the real happiness.

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